In the year 2008, our founder David discovered a passion for photography and in the beginning of the year 2012 he decided to broaden his skills from nightlife and event photography to commercial (product), fashion, portrait, and panoramic. He gained his expertise and experience with low light conditions and candid photography from working with a wide range of night clubs, fundraisers, public and private events.

With an art background and 15 years of experience in the Tech. industry, he created his own artistic and innovative way of capturing photos and providing a uniquely interactive way to present them as he takes them for an instant gratification on a display integrated into the outfit fitting for the occasion or on a 27inch touch screen kiosk pc.

His vision of a perfect photo is endless and he hopes that his passion and standards for photography will be able to provide everyone a life time of memorable moments and his goal is to achieve recognition as a unique photographer and he constantly challenges himself to excel and surpass his own visions.