Meet our team:

David Wong - Photographer and Founder
David Wong has been in the technology field since the early 1990s and has always had a passion for digital photography and incorporating technology to showcase his work.  His visions are to be able to capture moments and display them in almost real-time on display that he & the team wear, nearby display (TV, projectors), display Ads during idle time, and even directly post them on Facebook or other private cloud storage for instant access.  His expertise and experience in a wide range of light conditions are ideal for Gala, wedding, red carpet, live performance


David Wong


Forming the DVpix team, we have dedicated team members to monitor and ensure only the best of are uploaded online, and to ensure we deliver the highest quality, we have other team members to make edits and reupload selective photos if necessary. 


Nicolas Bettinger - Public Relations Director


Juan Rosales - Creative Coordinator